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Friday, June 19, 2009
7:12 AM

sejak dlm pantang, saya rajin tgk pelbagai movies, baik melayu mahupon omputih.. dan in a few that i watched recently, saya terdgr lina yg sama,` let the best woman wins'.. terus saya teringat satu kisah masa saya still di UKM...

Mende nih jadi to a friend of mine, let me named her `nadya omar'. nadya nih budak bio. dari segi appearance biasa ja, sama cam saya, tudung 3 segi, t shirt, dan jeans.. biasa.. yg luar biasa skit (luar biasa dlm iklim UKM je la) nadya nih couple dgn `naufal'-antara star kat fakulti pengajian islam.hmm..

one day, nadya nih pi la pusanika nak keluarkan duit. tiba2 dia dgr..`nadya omar..?' Nadya pun cari sapa la yg panggil nama dia.. rupa2nya ada 3 sis yang bertudung labuh dan berjubah yg panggil. derang pon trus approach nadya..

`awak nih yg berkawan dengan naufal ke..?' erk. terkedu jgak nadya nih apahal lak tanya2 psl relationship org nih.. tapi dia iyakan jela..

`hmmm.. akak2 nih nak minta tolong sgt dgn adik..'

`tolong apa kak..?'

`boleh tak kalo adik cari org lain..?' aittt!! mmg nadya terkejut giler. dahla tak kenal, nak soh dia cari org lain. bertambah2 la terkedu kawan saya tuu.. then akak tuh sambung lagi, `bukan apa, kalo org MACAM ADIK couple dgn org mcm naufal, jadi kami2 nih utk sapa??!!'

WHATTTT!! masa saya first dgr citer nih, terdiam jgak.. ish2, hena sgtkah kami2 yg memilih tak berjubah dan tak bertudung labuh nii.. citer nih tamat takat nih, sbb nadya pon terkejut tahap impak maksima, dia angguk je dan left.

bila pikir, mcm kelakar kan.. tapi bila pikir dgn seinci lebih mendalam, sbenanya ini bahaya. bahaya sbb ini adalah penyakit riak dan merasakan diri lebih bagus dari yang lain. dan kalo ini perasaan sorg yg tinggi ilmu agamanya, mcmana nak mendekatkan diri kepada mereka2 yg dahagakan ilmu. fullstop. tanak elaborate on tis sbb tujuan asal bercerita nih adalah pasal line `let the best woman wins', hehe.. dalam kes nadya nih, rasanya patut last skali dia kata ayat tuh je kat kakak2 tuh,hehe..


ermm.. kalau saya.. saya kata ja kat that person,`u win'. simply sbb i really not good at any sort of challenges. unless it had to do with a million bucks, then i might fight my way to victory,haha.

okla.. saja nak buang masa sementara baby mayya tido..

Tuesday, February 10, 2009
3:00 AM
doc martin

i luurrve Doc Martin.. i dunno why, but i really enjoy the show, and enjoy watching him getting himself in very awkward situation and all.. my mom kinda of disgusted with him, his attitude and everythg, but i really like him..haha..
to those who knows me well would agree if i say that i lurve doc martin bcoz i feel like i'm the female version of him. it's true, i guess.. i have good intention, but the things that got out of my mouth, sounded dreadful and mean... huhu.. my friends used to say that i am too honest.. brutally honest to be exact.. examples..
`asiah, cantik tak kiter pkai tudung ni..?'
`takk, tak sesuai dengan kulit awak' -it sounds dreadful,kan? pdhal, my intention at that time was for her to dress up beautifully. and she turned up beautiful for her dinner, thanks for my mean comment.
`takpe kot tak pi hospital'
`ok je, paling2 pun nanti koma jer' - huhu, my reply to a friend who reluctant to have her serious infection checked.
itu antara bende2 yg takda apa sgt.. but like i said, i really have good intention, but i'm sooo bad at sweet talking. i'm not a people person.. i'm not good at mixing around with people.. and i am born with a witchy tongue.. just like my doc martin.. hehe

Thursday, November 20, 2008
9:49 PM
being relevant

my colleague and just were just discussing about `endometriosis'. it's a kind of ketumbuhan rahim if i'm not mistaken. but what i do know for sure is that one of the symptom is painful PMS. this reminds me..
years ago, i went to this one doctor bcoz of my very painful PMS. what he did was only asking me whether i was married or not. i wasn't, so he just told me that it's normal for unmarried women. i should only become concern if the pain doesn't go away after i'm married.
what he failed to explain exactly is that once you becomes sexually active that the pain should subsides, not by just getting married. referring to the Q he asked me, i just answered what he asked, but what if i was sexually active back then..? wouldn't it be tragic that i happened to have the so-called endometriosis but it goes undetected for years simply because a doctor chose not to use the `S' word..? and i believe a patient, especially if she's moslem, wouldn't simply cry out,`i'm not married but been having sex for quite some times now..' duhh.. that's a suicide. unless.. unless the doctor asks. because i do know that i'm very particular with whatever my doc asks or even say. he asks,`byk keje ke skang?' and i'd immediately think whatever i'm having is stress related while the doc is actually making a conversation.
what i'm trying to say is that, for me, as a doctor, it's important to be precise. ask the right Q instead of a safe one. maybe yeah, patients might be offended, but they'll thank you later when they realised the offensive Q had actually save them.
and i do believe, today, the Q whether one's married or not before relating it to a disease or etc is no longer relevant. i don't have to elaborate on this. just watch and read the news. or much easier, just open your eyes, you'll understand what i mean.

Friday, November 14, 2008
3:22 AM

My friend's son just passed away this afternoon. He wasn't sick or anything like that, but his death was because of someone else's negligence. It's so sad thinking that this morning when my friend dropped him off at his nursery, he was like any other 4 months old babies - cranky in the morning, yet so adorable and lovable. And few hours later, he's gone. Loved by everyone, but Allah the most.
To whomever happened to read this entry, Al-Fatihah to the young Abraham Noah..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008
7:27 PM

I encountered two beautiful lines from dramas. I just wanna share it her.

`Love isn't a firework.. Sometimes it'll just comes softly'
-Love Comes Softly-
`If we can be extraordinary together, then why be ordinary apart?'
-Greys Anatomy-

These lines are quite simple and not that hard to understand at all, but the meaning just cut deep. I love it.

Sunday, November 2, 2008
7:06 PM

Yesterday, i was with my hubby when we stop for gas. I was just waiting in the car and looking around when i saw this one guy who also stopped for gas. i dunno what made him so interesting for me to look at, but i just can't stop staring at him and thought of how vicious his look was. He looked so mean and stern, everything you look for in a bodyguard (except for that skinny, twiggy figure of his that wasn't exactly bodyguard-like). Then.. then the gas station staff came up to him and said something.. and that guy smile.. broadly.. all of sudden, the meanness just all washed away.. He looked so friendly and approachable.. It was really amazing what a smile can do.. I mean, i'm 28, so of course i know how important a smile is, but still that can't stop me from feeling amazed by it.
How much different can a smile make..?
A lottt.

Monday, October 13, 2008
1:40 AM
dumb, dumber, dumbest..

Like a year ago, i swore not to trash my boss ever again. But seriously, this time i just can't help it.

Tataula nak kata apa, kesimpulannya softcopy pun dia tatau apa mendenyerrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!